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What Clients Are Experiencing


"I now recognize and receive all the ways my partner shows love.  I was constantly getting in my own way and setting unrealistic expectations. No wonder I was always disappointed. Steph opened my eyes to gratitude, humility and receiving love again. What a relief!" 
Regan - review for Two Rivers relationship coaching online services to repair broken marriage
Empowered Wife and Woman Jenny - Two Rivers Relationship coaching


"I feel like I was living with blinders on and missed so many of the ways my husband was trying to make me happy. Now with Steph's guidance and support I have so much more peace and happiness in my life and connection with my husband. IT’S AMAZING!" 


"Through Steph's skilled coaching and guidance implementing the Intimacy Skills, my marriage completely turned around. I have been married for 33 years and can say, I am more in love and having more fun with my husband today than I have ever had!" 
Sandy, real customers review of implementing the six intimacy skills by laura doyle provided in two rivers relationship coaching services
putting Self Care first, empowered and hopeful woman - Anne review of Steph Terry services


"I was separated from my husband and desperate to repair the breakdown of my marriage.  Steph's calm, non-judgmental attitude and powerful storytelling led to ah ha moments, insights, and even breakthroughs. As a result I find myself hopeful and empowered." 
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