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About Two Rivers Relationship Coaching

My practice is action based coaching for right now and the future. My goal  is to bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to be. It's exhausting to  feel stuck, burnt out and resentful. You're not alone. You're safe here to let air out of the pressure cooker and give your feelings their day in the sun.  Together we will uncover blindspots in your day-to-day challenges and I will dig deeper, so you can figure out your next best steps. 

Why The Six Intimacy Skills?

I had all the evidence for why my marriage was not working. My husband is Martian and I'm Venusian. My husband is first born in his family and I'm last born.  I prefer Words of Affirmation whereas my husband prefers... Well, I never got that far in traditional marriage counseling. So men and women are different, duly noted. But what can I actually DO to have the playful, passionate, intimate marriage of my dreams?

The beauty of The Six Intimacy Skills is having practical tools (not rules) to use right now. So why wait? Why not invest in yourself to build your awareness, accountability and put these powerful, proven skills into action? Are you ready to get ridiculously happy and attract all your crave in your life?

The million dollar question in Relationship Coaching: 


Are you capable of change?

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