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Get to Know Me

Have you ever felt like if or when something happens, then I will be happy? I was chasing happiness for a long time and it turns out I had the power to feel true joy all along. I have found the secret to creating a culture of gratitude, restoring respect and emotional safety, connection, authenticity and intimacy in my marriage. For years I measured my worth by what I accomplished; taking care of my family, home and work. I was stuck. Sooooo STUCK! I was a martyr and a victim and exploding with resentment. By implementing The Six Intimacy Skills I discovered a way to do less, receive more, and feel absolutely cherished, loved, and adored for who I am, not what I do. 

Hi, I'm Stephanie Terry. Like so many great love stories, I met my husband playing pool in a bar. We fell in love, and it was incredible!!! After I graduated from University of Denver we moved to a small town, bought a turn key home, spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his family, we had jobs with health insurance, we had two dogs and a cat together. We had it all...  Right? And then I was ready to start a family. After a tumultuous three year fertility journey we welcomed twins into the world. I got what I wanted... FINALLY. So why did it cost me the intimacy and connection in my marriage? I felt isolated, depleted and angry. I needed help and finally found the answer when a friend recommended the book, The Empowered Wife by, Laura Doyle.  


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